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Wherobots Compute

Wherobots Compute is an advanced cluster computation engine for processing and analyzing big geospatial data. It provides Spatial SQL, Scala, Java, and Python interfaces for you to drive insights from your data.

Wherobots Compute is fully compatible with Apache Sedona in terms of APIs. You can migrate your Apache Sedona applications to Wherobots without any change.

Currently, Wherobots Compute integrates with Apache Spark clusters and automatically scales out your workload.

How does Wherobots Compute work?

When deploying a compute cluster via Wherobots, Wherobots Compute is automatically configured and deployed to your selected public cloud environment. Users don't have to be concerned with setting up or initializing a Wherobots Compute cluster, as these are seamlessly managed by Wherobots.

Last update: August 30, 2023 18:56:20